Urgent need for us to re-connect with Mother

This is an email received from Australia.  These are good suggestions for us to be balance, be in meditation and be in the present.

Urgent need for us to re-connect with Mother
Dear Yogis,

We have received news today about the urgent need to improve our individual and collective attention on Her Holiness and use methods Shri Mataji has provided us to go inside and be One with Her.

'We are all cells in the being of the Adi Shakti and our condition is reflected in Her condition'.

To bring this about the following actions are recommended: 

Individually :

    * Regular morning meditation, individual  cleansing, foot soaks, shoe beating 
    * Listening to HH Shri Mataji's talks
    * Improving own Vibratory awareness
    * Keeping attention on HH Shri Mataji at all times
    * Have a friend who can raise our awareness and work on each other 
  •  Forgetting and Forgiving everyone from heart with affirmation to Shri Mataji
        * Doing things sincerely, honestly for our own self
        * Not lose or waste our attention on negative matters
        * See Shri Mataji in the hearts of our brothers and sisters and love them as we love our Mother
  • See Shri Mataji in Everything and  Everything in Shri Mataji
  • Meditate , Meditate and Mediation is the best way to reach at Her Holy Feet of Shri Mataji.


        * Collective Meditation
        * Participate in the Sahaja Promotion programs
  • And above all enjoying the bliss of the 'COLLECTIVE JOY at Sahasrara'(Nira-nanda) of being collective Where Shri Mataji resides.