Happy Chap Goh Mei!!!!

Today marks the end of 15 days celebration of Chinese New Year.  After today, I won't be able to collect anymore ang pow.  This year is the last year that I will be collecting ang pow since this year is my last year under the single status.  So, today marks the last day of my ang pow collection in this lifetime (well, with exception on birthdays and my own wedding, otherwise no more ang pow during CNY, instead I have to give ang pow now.)


Update : I forgot to mention this.  Today is also Chinese Valentine's Day.  In Malaysia, many single ladies will throw mandarin oranges into the pond or river and guys will fish it out.   This is in hope of getting a good man.  In modern times, some girls will even write their phone numbers on the oranges so that the whichever guy who pick it up can just call and make a date.  I know nowadays many people do it for fun, some are already attached and yet they still do it.  It is becoming more commercialise, just like the Western Valentine's Day.  I heard the story that this tradition started because back in the old times, the mandarin oranges will be spoil by the 15th day of Chinese New Year and so many people would throw it away.  Now good oranges are being thrown.  Who wants to pick up a rotten orange anyway?