Foshan & Guangzhou, China (02.02-06.02)

First time ever, celebrating Chinese New Year away from Malaysia.  Went to where Chinese New Year originated, i.e China and went to see how authentic Chinese New Year is celebrated, and of course meeting my future in-laws.

2 February 2011 (Wednesday)
We reached Guangzhou airport at almost 9pm.  KK arrived with the private car he hired and my aunt, uncle and my parents got into the car.  KK took me on a cab since the car is full.  We went to have supper in one of the restaurant.  It was CNY eve.  Restaurant was full although it was almost 11pm.  By the time we finished supper it was midnight and firecrackers can be heard from all directions.  It was really something that I have not seen in Malaysia before.  According to my parents, back in the 80s, when firecrackers was allowed in Malaysia, this was the same scene.  It brings back memories to them.  To me, it was something exciting, something new, something interesting.  Walked back to the hotel and found that KK has booked for us a luxurious hotel.  It was very comfortable and very beautiful.  Then walked to KK's house to foot soak and meditate together.  That always help us.

3 February 2011 (Thursday)
First day of CNY.  KK's friend had booked a room in a restaurant for dim sum breakfast.  Met his mom, sis for the first time.  Then all of us went up to his house to pay a visit.  Later that day we went to visit Guangzhou which is about 40 minutes from Foshan.  It was very well-connected via public transport.  First we took a bus.  Right opposite our hotel there's a bus station.  The ride was about 20 minutes.  Then we take the Metro, which is the Guangzhou subway to meet another Sahaja Yogi, Auyong Kong.  He was our tour guide for the day.  I don't really remember where he took us.  All I remember was that we walked and walked and walked.  Change station multiple times.  Finally, we went to Beijing Road.  This road has a lot of shops (good for shopping and eating).  Then at night we went on the Pearl River Cruise.  That was the highlight of the day.  Because of the Asian Games, the Chinese Government took a lot of effort to clean up the river and beautify the surroundings.  I really enjoyed the cruise.  Definitely a must-do-must-go place for couples, especially on Valentine's Day.

4 February 2011 (Friday)
It was leisure time in the morning.  We were only to meet up with Auyong Kong at Guangzhou at 1pm.  He was very kind.  He told my mom where to walk, where to go before him, myself and KK went to the Guangzhou collective.  The center is situated on the 8th floor (without lift).  So, I huffed and puffed my way up.  It was also very cold.  That day the collective had a Chinese New Year puja.  I went and sang and played  harmonium (thanks to KK for promoting).  Anyway, the vibrations were good.  Meditation was deep.  The Sahaja Yogis in Guangzhou are very innocent and pure at heart.  After puja was over, we met up with my parents and uncle and aunty and headed back to Dali, Foshan for dinner with his mom and sister.

5 February 2011 (Saturday)
First we went to Nanhai Kuan Yin Temple.  Nothing worth mentioning, except that it was very noisy as there was constant firecrackers going on.  There's a place where people can go and buy firecrackers and burn.  I don't know what it symbolises.  There were a lot of people.  Really a lot.  Vibrations were not that good.  I started having headache.  Then we went to see some Peach Blossom Flowers and catch a cab to bring us to CCTV City (China's Universal Studio).  It was very lucky for us to meet the cab driver.  I feel that Divine had arranged for us.  He was a very honest guy.  Brought us to have lunch.  It was the best meal ever.  We get to choose a fresh fish, then the kitchen steamed for us, then they put in a big metal tray and put on our table.  Beneath our table was charcoal burning, so the fish was continuously being steamed.  We can choose whatever vegetable we like and they add on to the fish and cook together.  Coupled with specially cooked pot rice, the meal was deliciously yummified.

After lunch, we went to the CCTV City.  Again, nothing great to shout about, Universal Studio is 100 times better.  What I enjoyed was the scene re-enacted from The Romance of the Three Kingdom, where warriors fought while riding horses and enjoying the Peach Blossom flowers.  Then there was another show by some Hua Ethnic people.  Fire-eating, etc, etc.  Went back to the hotel, super-tired.

6 February 2011 (Sunday)
I was down with fever.  High fever too.  Every 4 hours Panadol.  The weather finally caught up with me.  I didn't mentioned that it was winter in China and being a Malaysian, the cold must have been too much for me, although I didn't feel much at first.  Also, the dust, the pollution, the tiredness, the midnight bath, etc, etc.  KK has to work today.  So, his mom took us to walk around.  We also hang around the shopping complex opposite our hotel.  Then went to KK's house for a bit before going back to the hotel to wait for our taxi.  Our flight was at 9pm.  So, the same honest taxi driver came and picked us up and got everything sorted out.  KK came to the airport after work to send us off.  Bid him farewell and next time we meet will be in Cabella in Aug/Sept.

Please forgive me for my broken English / grammar / spelling, etc, etc.  I had high fever from Sunday to Monday to Tuesday.  Only today I feel much better.  So, I am really not in the right condition to write.   Brain not functioning very well but thought that I have to write this down before it permanently get deleted from my brain, somemore with the high fever, no one knows where the memories will go.