2011 Sahaja Yoga Puja Dates

Latest update:  All these puja will be in Nirakar form.  Not sure whether date and place will be the same.

2011 Saakar Puja Schedule
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The following information is accurate as of 17.02.11, subject to change by Shri Mataji.
Name Puja Day Hosting Countries
SHIVARATRI & BIRTHDAY PUJA   18-19-20 March Australia, India, Switzerland, Italy
BIRTHDAY Felicitations 21 March
SAHASTRAR PUJA 6-7-8 May Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria
ADISHAKTI PUJA 10-11-12 June
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, France, Netherlands,
Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the Baltics
GURU PUJA 15-16-17 July Bulgaria, India, Iran, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Turkey and Switzerland
KRISHNA PUJA 19-20-21 August The three Americas
& marriages
26-27-28 August
Australia, Romania, Russia, New Zealand ,China, Hong Kong,
Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
30 Sept & 1-2 Oct.   Israel, Greece, South Africa, Cyprus, Ukraine, UK