First post in 2011

Hi everyone!  How's life?  How's your New Year resolution coming along?

Year 2011 will be a very interesting year for me.  I am getting married!!!  Right now there are a lot of marriage plans undergoing.  Wedding photographs checked.  Wedding ring checked.  Wedding reception place booked. 

The actual wedding will only take place in November 2011.  That's the Chinese ceremony and will be here in Malaysia.  Then will have another Chinese wedding ceremony in China in 2012.  Yup, my future husband is from China.

I feel so blessed.  Life have been treating me good.  Shri Mataji's love is felt all over.  Shri Mataji found me a very good husband, someone who really complemented me.  And this person have been appearing in my dream prior to meeting him.

What I find is really interesting is when I allow Shri Mataji to work things out, things do really work out very quickly and efficiently.  The vibrations have been very good from the beginning.  This is so different from the ordinary and I am enjoying it.  I feel stress sometimes about the plans and future, but in the end if we are able to surrender completely to the Divine, what is there to worry about, right?

Probably this blog will turn into a wedding blog soon.  Ha ha.