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Chinese New Year is just around the corner

To be exact, CNY is just 3 days away.  In the past I have written about CNY 2009 and CNY 2010.  This year CNY will be a little different, well, not little actually, a HUGE different.  This is the first time ever that I will be celebrating Chinese New Year out of the country with my parents.  I am going to Foshan / Guangzhou!!!
I have been trying to research on the net on places to visit and food to eat.  Found those and the rest will just let my fiance take the lead.  I wanted to read more from Guangzhou (Foshan  not as popular yet) blogs from an expat point of view, especially food, places of interest, how CNY is celebrated there, but can't really find one blog that has those in English.  Maybe I should start one, oh wait, did China ban Blogger too?  
Anyway, when I come back, I will post about my trip to China.  It's going to be quite interesting.  I was in China more than 10 years ago, had a horrible time and I said I will never step foot in China again.  Well, looks like …

Thank You!!

Thank You Shri Mataji for the quality of innocence and wisdom.
Thank You Shri Mataji for the quality of creativity.
Thank You Shri Mataji for the quality of peace and satisfaction.
Thank You Shri Mataji for the quality of security and courage.
Thank You Shri Mataji for the quality of diplomacy and collectivity.
Thank You Shri Mataji for the quality of forgiveness.
Thank You Shri Mataji for the quality of integration.

Chinese Wedding in Malaysia - Planning Stage (Choosing the Venue for Wedding Reception)

Wedding is a great excuse to spend money, especially Chinese Wedding in Malaysia.  I am not sure how the Chinese in China have weddings.  I heard it's similar.  Will let you know more once I have gone through it.
Those who does Wedding business sure flourish well, except that there are way too many competitors with the same intention.
First, the future bride and groom have to find a restaurant to hold their wedding reception.  In Malaysia, you have to book this restaurant 1 year in advance because there are many more future brides and grooms who is also thinking of the same.  Good restaurants are the first ones to be booked, especially on auspicious days. 
Usually for Chinese couples, Chinese restaurant is the favourite option.  Nowadays, because of the intense competition amongst restaurants, some Chinese restaurants offer Halal food to attract Chinese who wants to invite their Muslim friends as well.  Chinese restaurants are mainly non-Halal and that means they serve pork.  Ha…

Six Enemies

Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Jealousy and Ego.  Do we still have them in us?  Or have we surrender them completely to the Paramchaitanya?


Today I learn a new word.  It's called "Compassion".  I have posted in this blog on love, joy, surrender and forgiveness.  But not compassion.  I didn't think I have use it before, didn't think it's as important as love, joy, surrender or forgiveness.  But today, I found that it is as equally important and it is something that I need very much now.  So, sharing with everyone an excerpt of Shri Mataji's speech spoken on my 5th birthday.
Give Natural Compassion to Others

"Our compassion has to flow to others. It's a simple business. In this respect one has to understand that the source cannot flow unless and until it expands the flow of it, like the River Thames. We went to see the place from where it starts. It is a small, little stream from seven streams – little, little, very little, little – we can say trickling down – it has become the River Thames. Supposing it does not widen, that will stop at the beginning only. It cannot come out, it…

Resolution for 2011

I thought about it.  It's only through meditation I can be balance.  And through balance I can understand things more rationally.  That's only when I can see things do actually get work out and Divine intervention take place.
So my new year resolution for 2011 is to maintain balance in Sahaj, work, friends, family and love through more meditation.  That's the only time I can feel peace and love in my heart.  The silence that strengthens me.  I need that very much.
So no more becoming lazy and not do the things that I need to do.  I will meditate more and focus more on meditation than anything else. 
Shri Mataji, I need you and love you very much.  Thank You for everything in my life.  Thank You for all Your blessings and protection and for giving us all the qualities of the chakras, i.e Innocence, Creativity, Satisfaction, Security, Collectivity, Forgiveness and Integration.  Thank You very very much.

Eat Pray Love

I just watched the movie Eat Pray Love and realised how many similarities I had with Liz, the main character in the movie.  Some things are a little different.  Like I didn't go to Italy to eat.  Malaysia itself is a food haven, why need to go anywhere else.  Of course Italy sound much more classic and romantic.  A place where beautiful things waiting to happen. 
I am not going to be like Liz and write about my adventures.  I can't write well.   I feel many of us have an Eat Pray Love moment in our life.  Probably it happen only once in a lifetime or maybe more than once in our life.
For me, I was searching for myself.  I was searching for an answer about life.  I came to Sahaja Yoga out of curiosity.  Someone told me that I would know a lot of things, some things about myself and some things about my surrounding.  I was a very curious 20 year old girl and was very interested into fortune telling and stuff like that.  So I was hooked.  
But after 1 year,  I was still not abl…

First post in 2011

Hi everyone!  How's life?  How's your New Year resolution coming along?
Year 2011 will be a very interesting year for me.  I am getting married!!!  Right now there are a lot of marriage plans undergoing.  Wedding photographs checked.  Wedding ring checked.  Wedding reception place booked. 
The actual wedding will only take place in November 2011.  That's the Chinese ceremony and will be here in Malaysia.  Then will have another Chinese wedding ceremony in China in 2012.  Yup, my future husband is from China.
I feel so blessed.  Life have been treating me good.  Shri Mataji's love is felt all over.  Shri Mataji found me a very good husband, someone who really complemented me.  And this person have been appearing in my dream prior to meeting him.
What I find is really interesting is when I allow Shri Mataji to work things out, things do really work out very quickly and efficiently.  The vibrations have been very good from the beginning.  This is so different from the o…