This is just for fun

I am very happy today.  Got my appraisal done and it is much better than I have expected.  So don't mind me while I post silly things here.  Something that is not related to Sahaj and it's just for fun.  I got this from the CNN website.  So here goes:

Pick Your Prince
Keeping your castle in good shape - Nate Berkus, Designer featured in Oprah.

Cooking his way to your heart - Jamie Oliver, definitely.

Singing you to sleep - hmmm....I only like Lat's.  Really can put you into a deep slumber.  Tried and tested.

Picking out your wardrobe - Bernard Chandran (Malaysian fashion designer)??

Throwing the perfect party - David Tutera

Balancing your budget and doing your taxes - hmmm....don't know.  Suze Orman will be great but she is not a prince.

Perfect travelling companion - Ian Wright (it will be fun!)

Someone you want to take home and meet the parents - Aamir Khan (want to give them a 'pleasant' surprise)

He could play your doctor on TV - Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy

Solving any crime for you - Definitely Gil Grissom from CSI