How to meditate effortlessly

In the same way vibrations... vibrations are coming, they are radiated. What you have to do is to expose yourself to it, the best is not to put in any effort, don't worry at what point you have a problem.  Say many people during meditation I have seen, if they catch somewhere they go on looking after it, you just don't have to worry, you just let it go... and it will work by itself.
So you don't have to put in any effort, this is what meditation is.  Meditation means exposing yourself to God's Grace.  Now the grace itself knows how to cure you... it knows how to mend you... how to settle down itself into your own being... keep your Sprit kindled.. it knows everything.  So you don't have to worry as to what you have to do, or what name you have to take... what mantra you have to do.  In meditation, you have to be absolutely effortless, expose yourself fully... and you have to be absolutely thoughtless at that time.
Supposing... possibility, you may not be thoughtless... at that time you have to just watch your thoughts, but do not get involved into them.  You will find gradually as the sun rises darkness goes away, and the sun's rays go into every Crevice and every part and makes the whole place lighted.  In the same way your being will be completely lightened but if you put in an effort at that time, or try to stop something within you, or try to give it a bhandan, it will not.  Effortlessness is the only way to meditation.  But you should not be lethargic about it.. you should be alert and watch it.
The other side could be people just doze off.. no, you have to be alert.  If you doze off, nothing will work.  That's another side of it, if you are lazy about it nothing will work.  You have to be alert and open... absolutely aware completely effortless, absolutely effortless… If you are absolutely effortless, meditation will work the best.  Don't think of your problem at all...whatever chakras you have, anything...just expose yourself.  See when the Sun shines all the nature exposes itself to the Sun... and receives the blessing of the Sun effortlessly, it doesn't put in any effort... it just receives itself.  When it receives the Sun ray, then the Sun's rays start acting, and activating.
In the same way the All Pervanding Power starts working... you are not to manoeuvre it.. you are not to do anything about it... just be effortless.. absolutely effortless... don't take any names, do not bother if your Agnya is catching, this is catching, that is catching - It is working out! It will go on working as long as it can, and it will do the miracle that it has to do.. you don't  have to worry about it, It knows its job.  But when you put an effort, you actually create a barrier for it.  So no effort is needed, be absolutely effortless and say let it go, let it go, that's all.. no mantras to be chanted.. in case it's impossible then you can take my name, but there is no need even.  When you put your hands toward me that's the mantra... is sufficient, this gesture itself is the mantra.  You see there is no need to say it more... but with the thought in the mind, the emotion should be there.. we have now spread our hands to that, and it should work.  When this emotion is absolutely complete... there is no need to say any mantra, you go beyond it.. so one has to be absolutely effortless, absolutely effortless... that is what it is.
Meditation is for your own ascent... is for your own capital gains, that you have to have... but once you get into it, you also achieve your powers.... like, you become a Governor, you get the powers of the Governor.  At this time you don't have to think about anybody else, you are not to put your attention to anybody else, but just receive it.. just receive it.  Don't think of any other problem, but that... that you have effortless... absolutely effortless.  It would work that best on the people who are just receiving it.
You have problems, that's why you are here... but you cannot solve them  -  they are to be solved by Divine Power.  This must be understood fully, that we cannot solve our problems.  It is beyond us... to solve our problems.  So leave it in the hands of the Divine Power,  and expose yourself effortlessly...absolutely effortlessly.
Sit in comfort and .... properly, with both the feet on the ground, with both the hands relaxed like this... be comfortable, you should not be uncomfortable at all..  be very comfortable, because you have to sit for quite some time.. and you try to put your attention to me, within yourself... if you can... to my Kundalini, if you can..  You can come to my Kundalini.... this should be done... just like this... the hands should be like this straight.
So "effortlessness" is the key work.... absolutely effortlessly... whether you are meditating before me, or before my photograph.
May God bless you !
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
How to Meditate, London, England
01 Jan 1980