I will write about food today.  My favourite food.

I like to eat almost all food, food that is edible of course.  Here's a list of my favourite food (not according to any rank):

1. Indian - I like paneer (Indian cheese), raita (Indian salad), mutton curry at Vashi hospital, the spaghetti at Vashi hospital.  I like Indian cooking because they use a lot of spices, compare to Chinese cooking, which I find is healthier and more natural.  Oh, I also like Malayali food, and I missed Pulisheri so much.  It's a cooked mango dish, so it's sweet and sour and oh-so-yum.

2. Nyonya - My family love nyonya food.  Nyonya culture is a culture where Malay and Chinese meet.  So the food is spicy and sour.  My favourite has got to be petai (I don't know what is it call in English, but it's a smelly bean).  Sambal petai is one of the best dish.  Yummy.

3. Thai - Not a favourite of Tomyam myself, but I like Thai style of sweet and sour everything.

4. Vietnamese - I first discovered vietnamese food when I was in Australia, where we were introduced to authentic Vietnamese cuisine.  Then back in Malaysia, we visited a Vietnamese restaurant and I love the food.  I love the food that is roll into the rice paper.  Oh, the taste is heavenly.  Simple and original.  You wet the rice paper.  Put some mee hoon, veges, meat and wrapped it up, dipped in some special sauce and there go you.  One of my favourites.

5. Japanese - Teriyaki, is my favourite orders in a Japanese restaurant.  I am so-so with sushi and all, not so crazy about them, but when it comes to teriyaki, in any form, that's my order!

6. Malaysian - Asam Laksa, no need to say anymore.

Well, since I am a Chinese and I eat Chinese almost everyday at home, I can't seem to find a favourite food.  Any food that is cook with taste is good for me.  Even something as simple as pumpkin porridge makes my day. 

I am not so much an Italian food person as I don't really like pasta or pizza so much, but surprisingly that is the only major cooking that I will do at home, spaghetti.  But when I was in Cabella, we have the spaghetti pesto, oh my, it was heavenly.  I am not sure whether it's because we were starving and was really craving for good food that makes us faint in delight to this spaghetti pesto. 

I am not a big fan of Korean food either because I cannot agree with the taste.  Somehow, I like how the cooking is done, how interesting the food is, but not the taste.  That's the only food I that I cannot enjoy, no matter how delicious they said it is.  Japanese yes, but not Korean.  Maybe tonight I will change my mind after my visit to some Korean restaurant with some Korean people.

Some other random food I like, Swiss Rosti.  Not a fan of American food, too greasy and too big portion.  Mexican...hmm..maybe just the tacos.

That's all for food today.  A post unrelated to Sahaj.  Hopefully once I am much more alert, not so tired, meditate better and mood brighten up...I will write more.