Fake profiles on Facebook

There is a group of people (or just one person) who is creating fake profiles on Facebook,  using the name of Sahaj.  Like for example Something Sahaj, Who Sahaj and even Shri Mataji's name.  Many Sahaja Yogis think that these fakes are Sahaja Yogis and added them as friends.  In these fake profiles, you will find improper photos of girls (no need to elaborate right?).  So many Sahaja Yogis are falling into the trap.  Some fake profiles even use Sahaja Yogis photo and make it their own and some even use the Sahaja Yogis' names, so that people will keep on falling into the trap.  This is anti-Sahaj work and there are 100 of such profiles.  Some even use Shri Mataji's photo.  They also created a few Apps like Sahaj, Why Sahaj Meditation and many Sahaja Yogis are liking these apps and joining them, so many  Sahaja Yogis will think that this is real.  I don't understand why so many people are falling into the trap as most of these profiles used sexy photos are their profile picture and Sahaja Yogis don't dress like that.

So before you add anyone to be your friend, please check the authenticity of this person, whether he or she is really a Sahaja Yogi, check vibrations if you are unsure and better yet, don't add someone who you do not know to be on the safe side.  These people are trying to give Sahaja Yoga a bad name.  

Also, do control what photo you are putting as your profile photo.  Do you know that anyone can copy and paste your profile photo even though they are not your friends?  You cannot control what photo your friends put on Facebook, especially your photos, but you can control the setting by not allowing anyone to see your tagged photos.

Also, don't allow your profile to be search able.  So these fakes won't add you as friend.

So for those who have a Facebook account, do go and check your friends' list.  Anyone you don't know?  Don't simply add people just for the sake of adding.

Be careful.  This has been happening for over a year and I only found out about it today.

And oh by the way, Facebook has a new setting.  It's called Instant Personalisation in which it lets you see relevant information about your friends the moment you arrive on selected partner websites.  I am not sure whether this is new but I also just found this out today.  I tried to turn this off as it is automatically tick to enable.  But unfortunately it says instant personalisation is not yet available for you.  So, do change the setting for your privacy sake, when it is enable.

Nowadays Facebook is really popular.  I must say it is a good way to communicate with friends and the best way to pass information as most people are on Facebook most of the time.  However, with all this negative things being pass around too, one cannot do much except to be really careful.  Do bandhan and shoebeat this negativity.  Stop it from spreading.  Report on Facebook if you find anyone who is a fake, especially when they are using Shri Mataji's name. 

And whoever is doing this, you are going against Shri Adi Shakti.  Better stop now before it's too late.