I was scared...

I have never felt so scared in my life before.  Although the vibrations were cool, but it seems like my body has been separated from my head.  I could not think straight and I want to run away from it all.

I tried to hibernate..and I did that for 2 days.  I slept and slept.  I thought I have prepared myself but apparently there's no such thing as preparation.  Yeah, I thought I have braced myself for the worse, but I thought wrong.

And then....it seems alright.  It's not that scary after all.  It's just a preliminary that was very scary and now it seems alright. 

And guess what...once I am much settled, much calmer, the vibrations were flowing and flowing.  Yup, it's not the end of the world.

I thought I was surrendered enough to accept everything that is thrown to me.  But Divine always want to test us to strengthen us to the point that you won't break anymore.  That's what I feel anyway.  

The heart is still not very settled, still slightly heavy.  The problem with me is I think too much and I doubt a lot.  

But I feel something good is coming out of all this and I am heading for a great lesson in life.