Oh no...I am sick again...

Yes, 3 months ago I had the same thing and 3 months later I am sick again.  I am getting tired of this and this time I have no choice but to take medication because of my trip next week.  I need to recover by then because I cannot sit on the plane with nose congested, I cannot be in front of Shri Mataji if I have a cough, I cannot be fully functional with medication and I cannot sing with a cough.

This time I am running against time to recover.  I did gargle with salt water twice a day.  I take Septilin 2 tablets twice a day.  On top of that I am on strong antibiotics medication and that heats up my liver and I am ice packing every night.  My nose has stopped running but it has travelled to the throat and now my throat itches like crazy.  Controlling myself not to cough as I know once I get a cough, it takes months to recover.  Sigh...I really dislike being sick.

I am getting very right sided trying to recover.  I know I need a lot of rest but I am also very worried that it will get develop into a cough and that's not a good sign.  I had bronchitis many years ago and now each time I have a cough, it will take some time to recover.  Gosh, just when I was starting to enjoy my non-MC month.  Why oh why?

I don't know why this year I have fallen sick so often.  Today when I applied for my medical leave (for yesterday), I saw that I took medical leave in Jan, Feb, Mar, May and now Aug.  Even the doctor is surprised that I am getting this so often, like a trend.

I really don't understand why.  Is this another test?  I have been doing a lot of clearing to prepare myself for Cabella and now counting down to last minute I am sick??  Maybe because I am too right sided without realising it?  Maybe I am concentrating on too many external things that although I thought I am putting my attention on my internal being but actually I am not?

I am getting very agitated.  Hot and bothered from the antibiotics.  Can't breathe properly with my nose and when I open my mouth to breathe, it dries my throat and makes it itchy and thus a cough.  Sigh...

Need to slow down and get myself check again.

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