The day before I leave for Cabella

Actually, it's 2 days before I leave for Cabella since I will be spending a night in London.

There has been a lot of drama happening lately, testing my patience, my surrender-ness, my subtle being, my chakras, my attention and my vibrations. 

Firstly there was some air ticket maya.  This will be the last time I am buying from budget airlines (well, unless I really have no choice like now).  All the time they are only thinking of making money from us.  Everything is money, even calling their helpline we have to pay.  If everything is in order, then no problem.  But if you have name wrongly spell, then too bad.  The amount of hassle.  Anyway, I haven't been on this airplane before so I don't know how's the service is like.  Maybe I might change my mind when I come back.  This will definitely be the last time I am doing booking for others.  Just too much hassle and too much inconvenience.  I would prefer to go through a ticketing officer, travel agent and get nice not-budget airlines next time, where everything is provided.  Learn my lessons.  Anyway, I feel there is a reason for me to go through this which I don't know what, maybe not yet.  Maybe for me to see the truth.

Secondly there was work maya.  There was some misunderstanding at work and my heart was very heavy yesterday.  Just when I thought I am going to go on leave and enjoy myself, all these things crops up and I became quite upset.  Thank God it's all settled now.

Thirdly there is a philosopher who is very opinionated.  Although I should know better by now, but I am still not use to it especially when this person's opinion is about me.  So when I received a lengthy email from this person this morning, philosophising about my life and how I should act and behave, I reacted and again my heart feels heavy.  What this person said was not true, but it did hit me that this person felt like that towards me and I disagree with this person.  The thing about this person is someone who is always philosophising about other people's life and not this person's own life which is not entirely in order.  So, my bad for reacting.

There are quite a number of things that I need to do before my flight tomorrow morning.

  1. Bank-in a cheque for credit card payment.
  2. Go online and pay utilities.
  3. Pack my face moisturiser and Tiger Balm.
  4. Pack my shampoo.
  5. Pack my slippers.
I pray for my journey from KL to LCCT to London to Genoa to Cabella will be smooth.

Shri Mataji, I pray that:
  • Ryanair will accept all the names on the boarding pass and that our luggage allowance will be alright.
  • There will be someone who will pick us up at Genoa Airport to Cabella.
  • We will not miss the Raksha Bandhan Ceremony and will arrive on time.
Please bless us, Shri Mataji.  

It will be such a blessing to attend two pujas at the same time and place.

I just pray and hope that everything will be good and I will just surrender the results to Divine.

Mataji, Mataji, Your face shines like a thousand suns, You have given us more than we could ask, For peace and bliss and harmony