Dear Shri Mataji

I missed the feelings of tremendous joy when I was in Vashi.  The feeling of desireless, the feeling of tremendous love, the feeling of freedom of the spirit, the feeling of complete surrender to the Divine and the Bhakti.

Here I pray that I am able to completely surrender my thoughts, conditionings, ego, superego, all desires, fears, expectations and worries.

I pray too, to be able to balance my chakras while still doing handover of the Yuva Shakti, working in a corporate world and living with non-Sahajis.  I used to say I will wait until a certain time, then only I will clear my chakras.  Procrastination is too much and it has not helped me a bit.  I am not going to wait anymore and I want to get down to it now.  No more taking things for granted.  There is no way I can wait until everything stabilises, no work load, no stress, no busy-ness in life, then only I can be balance.  This is not how life works.

With this prayer, I hope I am able to overcome all my shortcomings, open my heart and received the Divine bliss and love and be joyful all the time.  Joyful being in the present and thoughtless being joyful.

Thank You Shri Mataji.  Please guide me to ascent and grow deeper as a Sahaja Yogi and to be a better person in life.

Much love.