I have not been updating my blog lately.  Reason was because I was sick with strep throat infection.  It's almost one week since I had it and I am still not fully recuperated. 

I am a very stubborn person.  I would refuse medical attention unless and until it becomes unbearable.  So, although I started vomiting on Wednesday, sore throat on Thursday, I only went to see a doctor on Friday evening when a fever developed.  It was a mild fever but that's the cue to see the doctor.  I was given very strong antibiotics to stop the bacteria infection.  

Given a choice, I would rather eat vitamin pills than antibiotics because antibiotics affects me very much.  Since getting self-realisation and becoming more aware with myself and my vibrations, I found that antibiotics heats up my liver, makes me very hot and bothered and gives me even shorter attention span.  I even get nightmares.

Now that I am not only on antibiotics but also on cold and cough medicine, which makes me sleepy, so I sleep a lot and it makes me drowsy and disorientated.  

Although I must admit that the pills does stop the cold, cough and fever faster than not taking them and makes me cure faster than without pills, I am really hoping to finish these pills (especially the antibiotics ones) fast. 

Previously when I have the common cold I would just take Septilin and that's about it.  Septilin doesn't give me side effects.  It still cures cold, probably at a slower rate compare to antibiotics.

But strep throat infection is not like any ordinary throat infection.  It is much serious (from what I read online) and could lead to further health complications if it is not taken care off. 

Now that the pills are not taking control of my life, it's time to take control of my life and get back in balance.  I have to put ice on my liver to cool it down more often as it is very hot right now and keep up with the regular footsoak, clearing and meditation.  When I was sick and drowsy, regular meditation becomes a bit difficult because most of the time I still be dozing off or my attention is everywhere or I feel so tired out that I just stopped.  

Hope to get well soon.