Good management skills

1. A good manager listens.  Good communication is vital to ensure the goals of your department or company are met.  Eventhough you have more experience and more knowledgeable than your subordinates, sometimes your subordinates have ideas to share with you to enhance each other's knowledge.  If you fail to listen to them, then you are giving the signal that you are not approachable to any new ideas.  It's your loss and the company's.  New ideas can be explored when a good manager listens.

2. A good manager directs well.  If you are giving instructions which you are the only one who can understand, then what's the purpose of having subordinates?  Talk nicely and politely.  Explain in detail to your subordinates to make them understand.  Good communications is very important for a good manager.

3. A good manager do not micro-manage.  It doesn't help work productivity.  Give your subordinates the freedom to explore their horizons.  Don't push them to a corner and suffocate them.  Knowledge is a special gift.  You give some, you earn some.

4. A good manager practices what he/she preaches.  If you are telling your subordinates to meet the deadlines in order not to affect their KPIs, then you should not delay on your side and caused them to miss the deadline.

5. A good manager have good EQ.  If your subordinates make a mistake, you can tell them off gently.  There is no need to shout at them.  Watch your own emotions.  If someone has given you a hard time and make you angry, do not vent it on your subordinates.  So, don't let your emotions guide your subordinates.

6. A good manager respects his/her subordinates.  If you want your subordinates to respect you, you must first respect them.  Respect is earned, not forced.

7. A good manager talks genuinely.  There is no need to talk sarcastically.  Talk in a proper way that everyone can understand you and don't make them guess what you are saying.  You are just beating around the bush and wasting precious time.  Time is money.
8. A good manager do onto others what he/she wants others to do onto him/her.  If you want your subordinates to listen to you more, then listen to them too.  If you want them to treat you good, do the same to them too.  Buy them gifts or treat them lunch.

9. A good manager is a good teacher.  Teachers are very generous with their knowledge.  When you are imparting your knowledge that is the time that you are also learning.

10. A good manager appreciates.  Good work should always be acknowledged.  That will motivate your subordinates and make them work smarter.  Show them that you know what they are doing and you appreciate a good job.  Understanding what your subordinates are doing is important.  It encourages greater productivity.

A working place can be pleasant if people can communicate well.  Misunderstanding is often the result of miscommunications and that creates office politics.  The office can be a better place if everyone can work together in a group.  There is no need to have any motivation talk when the problems lies with certain individuals with behavioural problems.  It's hard to change someone.  It's up to the individual to change.

The office's energy is influenced by whoever who is the lead.  If the manager gives away bad vibes, the whole office mood can be affected.  It starts from the top.

In order to give proper instructions, a good manager should be able to understand what his/her subordinates are doing.  Go down to their level, do their work, learn the techniques, understand the flow.  Then people will respect you and listen to your instructions.

This is how I would like to be manage.  Thank you very much.