Mom knows

I was reacting big time to something that happened in the office on Friday. It affected my mood and I was down. However, no matter how bad my mood was, I will not show it at home to my parents. As I mentioned earlier, I came from a family that doesn't know how to express ourselves properly.

So I just pretended that I was OK and talk normally to my parents.

On Saturday, I went out to have breakfast with my mom. I was still affected by what happened on Friday. We were both quiet at the table. Suddenly I just asked her something that was related to what happened on Friday without giving her details. Just a question of why certain people act a certain way. And she replied. But the way she replied it's as if she knows what I went through. I was amazed.

This is not the first time that it had happened. There were many incidences in the past.

My mom may not know what I am doing or why I am doing something but she knows how I am feeling inside.

If this is the power that an ordinary mother has, can you see the power of our Divine Mother?