Matka pot treatment - Night 7

Yay, I have successfully completed all 7 nights. Why successfully? Because previously I could not finish the 7 nights for various reasons.

Anyway, I slept like a baby and my left side is so much better.

Personally I feel it is easier to clear the left than the right. Left side clearing we have candle treatment, matka pot, ajwain and camphor treatment, etc.

But for right side, it's a lot of affirmation, some ice pack, and change of attitude and thinking. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Yesterday night I had a terrible right agnya catch that gave me massive headache. It happened on the way back from the hospital from visiting my grandma. It was so bad until I cannot meditate and cannot sleep. So, I did a second round of clearing (after the nightly footsoaking). I did the prayer for Shri Buddha, Lord's Prayer, mantra for right agnya, which is Shri Buddha and Shri Mahatahamkara and put ice on my right agnya. It took so long to get rid of it. In the end, I could still feel slight headache but was much better and I could finally fall asleep.

So, that's why I feel left is easier to clear than right.