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Long weekend ahead

Practised 3 bhajans yesterday, Jai Jai Janani, Nirmala Kiti Varnavi and Aaya Hu Darbar.

Been wanting to bake something. Like bread pudding, a cake, or something. But currently I don't have a good oven. Maybe soon....

Will be away for the weekend. Have a great weekend!!!!


Last Saturday, we had a great Shri Krishna Puja and raksha bandhan ceremony. All was well. At first, we wanted to sell the rakhis at RM1 each, but then it was getting quite complicated and I wasn't keen of collecting money right after puja, so decided to scrap the idea off last minute.

I know the Indians have a very creative way of making rakhis. I still don't exactly know how they did it, so someone taught me a very simple way. Here's how :

What you need :

Assorted colourful threads (I used DMC because their colours are just amazing and the thread is a good thread, colours don't run)


A partner to help you

What you do :

Cut 2 different coloured thread (depends on how creative you are). I usually make sure the length is about 30 cm. Can be a bit less, but depends on the size of your brother's wrist.

Tie a knot at one end and separate the 2 colours. Ask your partner to hold one end and you the other end. Then just twist clock wise, both of you, toge…

What's my passion?

Recently, since my sister made me the bookworm cake, I have suggested to her that she has a flair in this kind of thing, the decorating and all that, and she should go for it, if she loves what she is doing. Then I did some surfing, and found this blog, about this girl who loves to cook and bakes and most of all, decorating cakes. She is extremely creative and the cakes are amazing. I told me sister to go and have a look and get some ideas. The humble blogger even gave away her secret receipes and ingredients.

Then it hit me. I am wondering about my own passion. I have been hearing that if I love what I do, then it won't be a job. I have been in the accounting line for 6 years. I don't know why I went into accounts in the first place, but at that time I thought this I can earn big money. Not entirely true. I kinda like what I do, but not passionate in it. Accounts, passionate??? Anyone??

Someone told me that I will do good if I became a doctor. I was like, what?…

Raksha bandhan

I had a little free time today and decided to read through all my previous posts. I didn't realise that there are people who had left comments and I didn't reply any of them. Thank you for the comments coz I didn't realise that there are people who read this blog.

From reading my old posts, I realise that I have not been posting about Sahaj stuff for almost a year. So, I feel I must get back to it coz it keeps me going, keeps me in.

So to start it off, I want to attached a message given to the Malaysian collective from the Mumbai collective.


Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone. Shri Krishna Puja is on this Saturday and the Yuva Shaktis has made 100 rakhis in the previous year. They will be on sale at RM1 each for fund-raising.

My first rakhi brother is Errol Johnson. He was from UK, then worked in Malaysia for a while, then Kuwait then in Australia. He got married to a Turkish lady, Nilgun and has a daughter, Sophia (I think). The last time I heard from him was in year 2005, a…

Bubba Gump

Last night I went to eat at Bubba Gump, at The Curve, Kota Damansara. This place will go far. The food is delicious, the ambience is beautiful. I only wish I could sit inside coz it looks like you are on board a ship. But outside was fun too. The singers from Starbucks were performing, singing all the oldies. Here's some photos of the food that I had. Doesn't look very appetising though coz I only remember to take the photos after half way eating it. And I am using my camera phone, so the quality is not that good. Anyway, here goes :

Run Forrest Run (a combination of banana, strawberry with some yogurt) Delicious!!

Speckled Lemonade Blueberry

Bourbon Street Sauce with Baramundi and mashed potatoes. Nope, not alcoholic. Just a sauce only. The joke here is this, I thought that Baramundi is an alcoholic drink and I actually told the waiter I don't want wonder he was giving me weird looks....

French Fries - well, I requested to substitute the jas…


My jelly birthday cake. Very nice. I think this will be the cake I am gonna get for everyone's birthday.

My sister made me a bookworm cake. Good isn't it? It was very tasty. I love anything pandan flavoured.

I am back!!!

Have been abandoning my blog far too long and now I am back!!!. So many things have happened in the past 1 year. Ups and downs. Ups : Been elected the Yuva Shakti Leader for the Central Region of Malaysia, sister got married, it’s off peak now. Downs : Well, I don’t want to talk about it but basically I lost myself.

I feel Shri Mataji has been really kind to me and really has been taking good care of me. She has forgiven me my mistakes and allows me to regain strength and confidence again. It has been very tough in the past few months but now I am back!! I have lost myself and found myself again. Phew!!!

I will post some photos later to show what I have been up to. Just to keep this blog going again.