A few of the yogis came last Sunday to make rakhis together for Shri Krishna Puja. Seetha brought her daughter, Nira, 3 years old.

While we were making rakhis, Little Nira did her drawing and colouring. I drew a face for her and she started to colour in blue. So, without thinking, I told her, no don't use blue colour. Use skin colour, I said. She doesn't understand what I was saying, and I took out beige colour for her. Little did I realise, that the so-called skin colour is actually for oriental people and whites. Little Nira is an Indian mixed with Romanian, so her skin colour is brown. Much later I realised I was being racist, without meaning to do so.

From young, I was taught to colour faces with beige colour because that is the skin colour as I was told. Although I live in Malaysia, where there are Indians and Malays, all my drawings of human beings are coloured in beige. I didn't think to colour with brown or black at all.

So, Little Nira has made me realised that I was being racist, and she did her colouring in blue, in which Shri Krishna and Shri Rama is coloured in comic books.

How ignorant one can be!!!