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The Secret

I came to know of the book 'The Secret' from Lat. I have not read the book yet, but saw the discussion on 'Oprah' yesterday night.

The Secret is basically ancient teachings of the law of attraction. What you give out is what you get. If you give out negative feelings, you will get that back and vice versa.

So, basically, being Sahaja Yogis, we could understand this law much better as we have received our self-realisation and Shri Mataji has spoken about this so many times.

If we keep our attention on good things, and when we talk, we speak sweetly, then we will get back all these good things too.

It is actually more than that, and it is hard for me to explain because I have not read the book yet. It is about forgiveness, gratitude, being thankful and all that.

Sometimes we have to forgive not for the other person, but we forgive for ourselves. We have to be thankful that we received our self-realisation and have gratitude in every single thing that the Divine ha…

Bless in every way

Sometimes you wonder how the Divine work things out. I wondered that very much since I had acute appendicitis.

I got my lab test results and it turns out I was in a very early stage of acute appendicitis. Some people have asked me whether I actually saw the appendix, and whether the doc has just cut me up for no reason. I was actually having so much thoughts about it and finally just checked vibrations and it was justified.

I feel that I was so protected that I got diagnosed at such an early stage, which makes recovery so much faster and no complications. Besides that I got the rest I have wanted, I am off work for 3 weeks.

So, no complains.

The power of bandhan

When I was in the hospital, I was sharing the room with 3 other patients. One had a brain surgery, another had skin disease and the third has pneumonia. The pneumonia patient was opposite me.

During the wee hours in the morning on my second day at the hospital, the pneumonia patient's condition suddenly turned critical. All nurses rushed to her aid and she went unconscious.

With one hand on drip, I managed to give her a bandhan and immediately she came out of consciousness. Then, slipped back to sleep. Another bandhan, conscious, then sleep. Finally, they transferred her to ICU and I gave bandhan and hope for the best.

When I left the hospital she was still in ICU and I do not know how was her condition. But I can see the immediate power of the bandhan and pure desire.


I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis on Friday, 6th July 07. Op was performed on the same day. Thanks for the bandhan, the op was a success. I was discharged on 8th July and now resting at home.

Yuva Shaktis

Finally, I get some free time to blog. Been really busy in this peak time.

Yesterday, I have accidentally came accross 2 teenagers blog. After reading a few posts, I was wondering what is happening to this world because a phenomenon has hit Malaysia, and it has been happening gradually from the influence of the West.

When I was in school, at that time the latest video game was Mario Brothers. I was of course, like the other teenagers, crazy about it and when my dad finally got me one, I was so stuck to it. Then there was the walkman craze, later was discman. Handphone craze only came about when I was in college.

There was also no Astro, so we were stuck to TV1, TV2 and TV3 and for a short period of time, Metrovision. NTV7 came much later. My sister and I would record movies on the TV, especially during CNY when all the chinese movies will be aired, though it is not the most up to date. Then we will play these movies when we are free and watches them. We repeatedly watch these movies to s…