HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!! - Behold long post ahead -

A new year, a new beginning. Year 2006 was OK for me, no complaints. But would like year 2007 to be better than the last.

On 29th December 2006, I dreamt of Shri Mataji. All the Malaysian Sahaja Yogis were sitting on the ground, waiting for Shri Mataji to come. I saw many new faces. And then Shri Mataji arrived and everyone lined up all along the path. Shri Mataji went to each and everyone and held both their hands and were just looking into their eyes and talking to them. When She came to me, She held my hands and then She pushed them away. I was upset and immediately hugged Her knees. Then I heard everyone gasping, and I realised I did not follow protocol. So, I quickly did a namaskar to Shri Mataji. Then Shri Mataji looked at me and She said, 'I cannot hold your hands. You must have faith in Me. Go and see those people who just got self-realisation.' Then the scene changed, and I saw Shri Mataji sitting on her throne, taking a short nap. I saw in front of Her and meditated and prayed to have true faith.

This dream means a lot to me, and I felt immediately I need to do something about my faith. Too many a times I questioned the Divine actions. Too many times I cannot surrender because things didn't go my way. I felt in the dream, Shri Mataji gave me a very deep message, so deep I felt that She was right in front of me. I felt Shri Mataji was not pleased with me, was disappointed, and when She said I have to go see those people who just got self-realisation, I realised that I have not given self-realisation to new people for the whole year.

I also felt what She meant to see those people who just got self-realisation is that their faith is much stronger than mine, eventhough I have been in Sahaja Yoga for almost 7 years now.

Then on New Year's eve, in Shri Mataji's talk, she mentioned that we have to give self-realisation to new people, to spread the light. So, it really is a very strong message to me, personally.

So, to start the new year, I have make some resolutions :

1. To have true faith in Shri Mataji and never question the Divine actions.
2. To give self-realisation to new people, not to be afraid or shy to talk about Sahaja Yoga.
3. To study smart and hard for my final part ACCA, to pass all exams and to get the degree (if possible the same year).
4. To read more. I will start my own Enid Blyton collection.

For the New Year puja, I tried Shri Mataji's recipe for pound cake. It was really a very simple cake, however, the cake didn't rise very well, I think it's because I used a microwave oven and not an oven oven. Anyway, in the end, the cake was gone.

This is how the cake supposed to look like.

These are the ingredients used.

And this is how the cake turned out.

I love making cakes and desserts. Would want to try other recipes.

Now, talking about my Enid Blyton collection. When I was a child, I loved reading Enid Blyton's books. And I have a few books, but all was given to less fortunate children. It was my dream to collect all Enid Blyton's books and during Christmas, when I went to Jaso's house and borrowed some of Khailaash's Enid Blyton's books, I realised I want to make this dream come true. So, from year 2007, I will start my collection. To start off, Lat has very generously donated 2 books to my collection. Thank you, Lat. And I will also include the listing in this blog. Let me see whether that can be done.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2007! May this year be filled with cool vibrations and tremendous joy. May we be able to ascend further in our spiritual growth and may we be able to realise our resolutions.