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A few months back, before a havan on a Saturday, there was the usual Sahaj music class. Before the class, I have got a terrible right agnya pain. It was so bad that I thought someone was sitting on my head. Throughout the class, the pain comes and goes. Sometimes it is so bad, it will be throbbing away.

After the class, then it was the havan. Throughout the whole havan, the headache was still there, sometimes so unbearable. So, when it came to the 2nd meditation before ending the havan, I prayed to Shri Mataji to remove this pain, because I cannot meditate, prayed really hard. Suddenly I felt like someone has pushed me from the back really hard, that I opened my eyes wide, a bit shocked. My heart was beating so fast, I quickly put my right hand on my left heart to calm myself. A yogini who sat next to me saw me gave one fast and hard jerk. At first I thought one of the kids knocked me while running around, but there was no one. And the most amazing part was right after tha…

Sahaj Treatments - Part 4

17. Hyperglycemia (excess of glucose in the bloodstream)
Low blood pressure, too much Agnya, overactive. Surrender to Christ.

18. Multiple Sclerosis (serious progressive disease of the nervous system)
Comes from left Nabhi and left Mooladhara. Use left side treatment and say the mantra of Shri Ganesha and Gauri.

19. Varicose Veins
Due to overwork and standing too long. Lie down and do cycling in the air. Use shoes with one inch heels or lower. Rub with very cold oil, then massage downwards using ice treatment.

20. Flu
Left sided. Boil basil leaves in a pot. Add sugar (and milk if you like). Mix it as you would make tea and drink. Prepare ajwain ka dhuni. Put ajwain in dry pot/pan. Roast over the fire and breathe in. Do both treatments for three days, it should be enough.

21. Nervous Breakdown
Psychosomatic disease. Nervousness caused by bad habits, overdoing something, not due to badhas, but nerves. Change habits.

22. Baldness
Mainly due to neglect. Lack of care, don't use oil…

Sahaj Treatments - Part 3

I forgot to put the allergy entry. Here goes:

12. Allergy
Left nabhi catch. If child has allergy, his/her mother must be having a left nabhi catch. Clear mother's left nabhi. Also, place right hand on child's left nabhi and left hand to the flame. Take 'geru' rub it on a stone seven times and eat the powder with water.

Treatments for Nabhi / Vishuddhi problems
13. Bronchial Asthma
Combination of right heart and left heart. No security of parents' love, parents quarrel, divorce, parents passed away, fatherhood not good.

14. Spondylitis
Vishuddhi problem, may be a combination of left and right vishuddhi.

15. Tooth decay
Use right vishuddhi finger to rub teeth and gums with olive oil and a little salt.

16. Knee problem (when sitting on the ground)
Due to left or right nabhi or no practice. Let the children start sitting on the ground. Do certain exercises (example : cycling in the air).

Next post : Hyperglycemia, multiple sclerosis, varicose veins, etc.

Sahaj Treatments - Part 2

Treatment for skin ailments
8. Psoriasis (skin disease marked by red scally patches)
Left side problem. Lethargic liver, feel nauseous. Right hand on Mother Earth, left hand to Shri Mataji's photograph. Put hot water bottle on the liver. Give bandhan to the liver with light.

9. Eczema
Same thing as allergy. For outward troubles, can use neem.

10. Fungus
Left side problems. Don't eat cheese. All Sahaja Yogis should not eat 'fungusy' cheese and avoid eating mushrooms.

11. Cow's milk
Make allergies worse. Goat's milk may not cause problems.

Next post : Treatments for Nabhi and Vishuddhi ailments

Sahaj Treatments - Part 1

I was digging my old notes and files a few days back and I've found a compilation of Sahaj treatments from Shri Mataji's talk, "The Sun & Medical - Questions and Answers", Rahuri, India on 13 January 1986. A Sahaji has nicely compiled it and they were giving this to people who were attending Sahaj classes back then.

These treatments are really good. Some I have tried it myself and this is really the best medicine. But, do use it with discretion. Now, I would like to share the compilation. I will publish in parts as there are about 28 treatments written here.

1. Clay
It is good to swim / soak in clay water. Put clay on the liver to take the heat from the liver, good for right side.

2. Sunbathing
Will give skin trouble, skin cancer. Brain is made up of fat matter so it can melt. Skin cannot be all right if the brain is not all right. Too much sun will cause baldness and it is also bad for the liver. Sahaja Yogis should never be in the sun. Cover the head when it …

Playing the harmonium

Shri Mataji has blessed me with the ability to play by ear. I didn't realised how much I have taken that gift for granted until I have to teach non-musical students (students who were not expose to music much). I found myself trying so hard to explain to them how to play the harmonium according to the timing, the beat of the bhajans.

I can still remember the first time I played the harmonium for the collective. The week before, Lat has told me to prepare 3 bhajans (I can choose any bhajans) for the following week collective. The whole week, I was practising the bhajans, singing in the shower, singing while driving, practising on the piano (I don't have a harmonium yet at that time). I was so nervous that I have written down note by note on my bhajan book. When it was my turn to play (took turns with Seetha), my fingers were shaking so hard, my eyes were glued to the bhajan book, and my heart was pumping so hard that I thought it was coming out through my mouth. After that, my h…