Shri Ganesha to the rescue

I went for my first international puja in 2001, Shri Ganesha puja in Cabella, Italy. That was the year that Seetha got married . I was her bride's maid.

After the haldi ceremony in the pendal, on the Sunday morning, the brides were to go to the castle for dressing up and the Gauri puja. For those who have not been to Cabella, the castle (Shri Mataji's castle) is located on top of a hill. The pendal is a bit downhill, while on the way to the castle, you will passed the little Cabella town, where the hotel and shops are located. So, a few of us joined the brides (Oi Chan got matched too) to go to the castle, by the Sahaj van. There were Angie (who was Seetha's 'mom'), Denise, Stephanie, Mrs.Bala (Oi Chan's 'mom'), Anna (Oi Chan's bride's maid) and myself.

We reached the front door of the castle and someone guided us to the basement, where a huge hall was converted into a big dressing room. So, we helped the brides to dress up, put make up, put the accessories, and when all that was done, then the brides were supposed to sit and wait for Shri Mataji to come for the Gauri puja.

The rest of us have to leave the castle. We went out through the back door, and found ourselves lost. We didn't know how to get back to the main road, or back to the pendal. Being first timers (all of us), we didn't know that the small road from the back door actually leads us back to the Cabella town, and thus back to the hotel and then back to the pendal. So, we walked for a bit on the small road, and thought we were lost and went back to the castle. We all thought that maybe if we can get back to the front door, we can follow the main road and back to the town (yes longer way).

We went back to the castle via the back door and people were very busy cleaning up. We walked up the stairs and found the brides all sitting there waiting. Then one Yuva Shakti said we cannot go up and have to leave through the back door. We asked how to go back to the town but we didn't get the directions.

So, we decided to adventure a bit. We walked out to the back door again, and this time instead of walking to the small lane, we walked to the side of the castle. We thought that there will be a stairs leading from the back to the front from the outside of the castle. So, leisurely we were going through Shri Mataji's vegetable garden and admiring the vegetables, then the flowers (lots of lavender).

However, I was not admiring any of those. I was desperately wanting to get back to the hotel (where Seetha and I shared a room), get dressed up and get ready for the wedding ceremony. In fact, when they told that only the brides were to stay back while the rest to leave, I have to carry all Seetha's stuff. Her big backpack bag was so heavy. I was also carrying her thick jacket and her slippers in my hand. On top of that I was carrying my own backpack. So, with all those things, I was unable to climb any hill or be adventurous. Anna felt the same too as she was carrying Oi Chan's things.

So, while the rest of the group was admiring Shri Mataji's garden, I found that there was no way we can go back to the front door through the garden, unless you want to climb that steep hill. I was already getting very agitated with all those things I was holding and I felt I cannot walked anymore. I started to pray to Shri Mataji, who was resting in the castle at that time. "Please help me, Shri Mataji, please make this bag lighter." "Shri Ganesha, please help me with this bag." As I was walking back to the back door, I saw a couple with their little baby got out of the castle and into a car. The yogi asked whether I was going back to the town and I said yes and he said I can get a lift in his car. There were space for only 2 person. So, I asked Anna to come with me. And guess what, I don't have to carry all those load with me to the hotel. I heard that from the back of the castle to the hotel is about 20 minutes walk, and I was so glad I got a lift because I won't be able to walk with those things.

From then on, I felt that everything was taken care for me. I went back to the hotel to get dressed. I was alone because most of the Malaysians were staying in the pendal. At first I was thinking, gosh, if Seetha is not here, who is going to dress me up in sari? Then I pushed away the thought and felt that things will be taken care of. Just surrender. After my shower, I went out of my room to see whether I can find someone I know to help me with the sari. I found that the next door room was opened, and there were a few Indian yoginis sitting and chatting. So, I knocked and asked whether someone can help me with my sari and an Indian doctor came to help me. At that moment, I thought wow, things are getting smoother.

I thanked the doctor and then got my things and Seetha's slippers and jacket. Then there was another challenge. This time I have to walk downhill in my sari, in my slippers, with my backpack and Seetha's slippers and jacket in my hand. Again, I thought ok, Shri Mataji please help me out here.

I went out of the hotel and started walking downhill. Then on the way I met an English yogi. He said hi and walked passed me. Suddenly a car stopped in front of him and inside were his friends. He turned to me and asked whether I needed a ride to the pendal. And guess what again, I didn't have to walk to the pendal, which is about 20-30 minutes walk from the hotel.

I felt at that moment Shri Ganesha was helping me, removing the obstacles (Shri Ganesha puja was the day before the wedding). It is so amazing how things can work out if we have done our best and don't think about it and surrender to the Divine.

Thank you Shri Ganesha for removing the obstables. Thank you Shri Mataji for taking care of me.


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