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Back from camp

Hi everyone. I am back from the Yuva Shakti Blast and have been very busy with work, Christmas presents and so on. I won't say much today, will post some photos from the Yuva Shakti Blast. Summary : The camp was wonderful. Everything was good and went well. Vibrations were tremendous. Too bad didn't have the chance to take photographs of the performances. It was SO good.

Batik painting. With the help of Aunty KT, the Yuva Shaktis made 4 batik cushion covers and 1 batik table runner as a gift for Shri Mataji.

The final product, before cutting it into cushion cover and sewing.

Miracle photo. Accidental design on the mahjong paper that happened during the batik painting. Can you see what is it?

Drawings done by the children during their ice breaking session.

The winning Yuva Shakti T'shirt design.

Yuva Shakti Blast 2006

Hi everyone,

Just want to announce that this year we are organising our 2nd National Yuva Shakti Camp. It is going to be from 12th December to 16 December 2006. It is going to be fun. I will post some photos later.

God with us always

I was feeling a bit down and unhappy over some things that had happened and felt totally helpless. I was wondering why these things happened and whether it is part of God's plan. Then, I watched a movie with the title, 'Love Comes Softly' and I felt better after listening to one part of the dialogue.

The movie was set in the cowboy times and the main actress (I have forgotten her name, but she acted in Grey's Anatomy) became a young widow after her husband, whom she got married a few days ago, died after falling off his horse and hit his head on a stone. After the funeral, a nice man (a widower) came to her and asked her to married him out of convenience as he wants a mother for his 9 year old daughter and he knows that the widow needed a place to stay.

She agreed because she was all alone, family is back in town, and has no means to support herself. Anyway, she went to live with this man, and taught the girl to read while she learn to accept her fate day after day.


Beautiful letter from Shri Mataji

I received this letter by email, sent by some yogis who has taken it from the Romanian Sahaj website. No date given, but I think it was written many years ago.

"My attention is always with you. Every time you think of Me, I'll be with you; entirely! Anything you wish, I will be there to help you in every way. If anything seems to you difficult, do not take it on your shoulders; leave everything in the care of the All Pervading power of the Divine Love, the Power of Adi Shakti, Paramchaitanya. Nothing is difficult. Nothing is bad so as you can't manage it.

In the first stage of Sahaja Yoga it was necessary to see Me in My physical form, as we call it in Sanskrit language, Dhysya is the purpose; the aim, the purpose was needed to be in front of you - everything was to be touched.

So when you wanted to achieve it, you always felt happy, blessed and joyous when you had Me in front of you.

Then, in the second stage, you don't wish as much that Mother should be there.…


A few months back, before a havan on a Saturday, there was the usual Sahaj music class. Before the class, I have got a terrible right agnya pain. It was so bad that I thought someone was sitting on my head. Throughout the class, the pain comes and goes. Sometimes it is so bad, it will be throbbing away.

After the class, then it was the havan. Throughout the whole havan, the headache was still there, sometimes so unbearable. So, when it came to the 2nd meditation before ending the havan, I prayed to Shri Mataji to remove this pain, because I cannot meditate, prayed really hard. Suddenly I felt like someone has pushed me from the back really hard, that I opened my eyes wide, a bit shocked. My heart was beating so fast, I quickly put my right hand on my left heart to calm myself. A yogini who sat next to me saw me gave one fast and hard jerk. At first I thought one of the kids knocked me while running around, but there was no one. And the most amazing part was right after tha…

Sahaj Treatments - Part 4

17. Hyperglycemia (excess of glucose in the bloodstream)
Low blood pressure, too much Agnya, overactive. Surrender to Christ.

18. Multiple Sclerosis (serious progressive disease of the nervous system)
Comes from left Nabhi and left Mooladhara. Use left side treatment and say the mantra of Shri Ganesha and Gauri.

19. Varicose Veins
Due to overwork and standing too long. Lie down and do cycling in the air. Use shoes with one inch heels or lower. Rub with very cold oil, then massage downwards using ice treatment.

20. Flu
Left sided. Boil basil leaves in a pot. Add sugar (and milk if you like). Mix it as you would make tea and drink. Prepare ajwain ka dhuni. Put ajwain in dry pot/pan. Roast over the fire and breathe in. Do both treatments for three days, it should be enough.

21. Nervous Breakdown
Psychosomatic disease. Nervousness caused by bad habits, overdoing something, not due to badhas, but nerves. Change habits.

22. Baldness
Mainly due to neglect. Lack of care, don't use oil…

Sahaj Treatments - Part 3

I forgot to put the allergy entry. Here goes:

12. Allergy
Left nabhi catch. If child has allergy, his/her mother must be having a left nabhi catch. Clear mother's left nabhi. Also, place right hand on child's left nabhi and left hand to the flame. Take 'geru' rub it on a stone seven times and eat the powder with water.

Treatments for Nabhi / Vishuddhi problems
13. Bronchial Asthma
Combination of right heart and left heart. No security of parents' love, parents quarrel, divorce, parents passed away, fatherhood not good.

14. Spondylitis
Vishuddhi problem, may be a combination of left and right vishuddhi.

15. Tooth decay
Use right vishuddhi finger to rub teeth and gums with olive oil and a little salt.

16. Knee problem (when sitting on the ground)
Due to left or right nabhi or no practice. Let the children start sitting on the ground. Do certain exercises (example : cycling in the air).

Next post : Hyperglycemia, multiple sclerosis, varicose veins, etc.

Sahaj Treatments - Part 2

Treatment for skin ailments
8. Psoriasis (skin disease marked by red scally patches)
Left side problem. Lethargic liver, feel nauseous. Right hand on Mother Earth, left hand to Shri Mataji's photograph. Put hot water bottle on the liver. Give bandhan to the liver with light.

9. Eczema
Same thing as allergy. For outward troubles, can use neem.

10. Fungus
Left side problems. Don't eat cheese. All Sahaja Yogis should not eat 'fungusy' cheese and avoid eating mushrooms.

11. Cow's milk
Make allergies worse. Goat's milk may not cause problems.

Next post : Treatments for Nabhi and Vishuddhi ailments

Sahaj Treatments - Part 1

I was digging my old notes and files a few days back and I've found a compilation of Sahaj treatments from Shri Mataji's talk, "The Sun & Medical - Questions and Answers", Rahuri, India on 13 January 1986. A Sahaji has nicely compiled it and they were giving this to people who were attending Sahaj classes back then.

These treatments are really good. Some I have tried it myself and this is really the best medicine. But, do use it with discretion. Now, I would like to share the compilation. I will publish in parts as there are about 28 treatments written here.

1. Clay
It is good to swim / soak in clay water. Put clay on the liver to take the heat from the liver, good for right side.

2. Sunbathing
Will give skin trouble, skin cancer. Brain is made up of fat matter so it can melt. Skin cannot be all right if the brain is not all right. Too much sun will cause baldness and it is also bad for the liver. Sahaja Yogis should never be in the sun. Cover the head when it …

Playing the harmonium

Shri Mataji has blessed me with the ability to play by ear. I didn't realised how much I have taken that gift for granted until I have to teach non-musical students (students who were not expose to music much). I found myself trying so hard to explain to them how to play the harmonium according to the timing, the beat of the bhajans.

I can still remember the first time I played the harmonium for the collective. The week before, Lat has told me to prepare 3 bhajans (I can choose any bhajans) for the following week collective. The whole week, I was practising the bhajans, singing in the shower, singing while driving, practising on the piano (I don't have a harmonium yet at that time). I was so nervous that I have written down note by note on my bhajan book. When it was my turn to play (took turns with Seetha), my fingers were shaking so hard, my eyes were glued to the bhajan book, and my heart was pumping so hard that I thought it was coming out through my mouth. After that, my h…

Vibrating the house

I am sure most of us know that if we use vibrated water and sprayed around the house, we can vibrate the house and clear the air.

Here's a tip of how to make the air fresh and fragrant too.

When I was attending Christmas puja 2002 in Ganapatipule, before the puja, I was sitting on the terrace and watching the Yuva Shaktis decorating and clearing the stage.

After all the decorations, one Yuva Shakti sprayed vibrated water and a strong smell of jasmine permeated the air. I was just sitting there enjoying it as tiny drops of water fell on me, cool vibrations were everywhere, and fragrant smell of jasmine in the air. I thought I was in a jasmine garden and it was drizzling. Really nice.

So, when I came back to Malaysia, I have decided to try it out. I don't know what they put into the vibrated water, so I put rose water and sprayed. But rose water is not strong enough, the smell didn't last long. So after many months, I tried this. You have to use the spray specifically for this p…

Amazing story

Below is an amazing story that had happened to Lat last Thursday.

Divine Protection

Jai Shri Mataji!

I want to share a story about divine protection and love.

Part of my job involves a factory whose facilities my company operates and maintains. I am not based at the factory but visit very often. Yesterday, I heard there were technical problems at site. At 3 pm, I left my office to go there. Reached at 3.30pm. Went directly to the building where the heavy equipment is located. I walked into the room and saw my site supervisor there, so I asked him about the latest update on the equipment. At that point, we were standing directly in front of a particular pump, in the midst of a very densely packed equipment room. It is a very noisy room, and we could not hear each other, so he indicated that we shd step outside onto the external staircase landing so we could discuss the problem. We stood at the landing, with the door open.

Less than 2 minutes later, there was a loud explosion. Windows and sh…

Happy Diwali

Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali. May the lights of Diwali keep our flame burning and never dies. Have a great weekend.

Shri Ganesha to the rescue

I went for my first international puja in 2001, Shri Ganesha puja in Cabella, Italy. That was the year that Seetha got married . I was her bride's maid.

After the haldi ceremony in the pendal, on the Sunday morning, the brides were to go to the castle for dressing up and the Gauri puja. For those who have not been to Cabella, the castle (Shri Mataji's castle) is located on top of a hill. The pendal is a bit downhill, while on the way to the castle, you will passed the little Cabella town, where the hotel and shops are located. So, a few of us joined the brides (Oi Chan got matched too) to go to the castle, by the Sahaj van. There were Angie (who was Seetha's 'mom'), Denise, Stephanie, Mrs.Bala (Oi Chan's 'mom'), Anna (Oi Chan's bride's maid) and myself.

We reached the front door of the castle and someone guided us to the basement, where a huge hall was converted into a big dressing room. So, we helped the brides to dress up, put make up, put the a…

My 22nd Birthday

I love listening to other people's experiences. It bring so much joy in our lives to see how the Divine touches one another in very different way. So far, of all the stories I have heard, no one has a similar experience as the other.

My 22nd birthday coincided with Shri Krishna Puja in 2001. It was a year after my cousin passed away (see post below). Eventhough I was beginning to see Sahaja Yoga in a different way, understand Shri Mataji a little bit more, know myself a little bit better, but I was not entirely healed. Right after my cousin, June passed away, I told myself, I will never celebrate my birthday again because of the guilt that has taken over me.

Anyway, in 2001, Shri Krishna Puja was held in Seremban, in Aunty Kamala's house. Two weeks before the puja, Vishwanath (harmonium player from Russia) and Pierluca (tabla player from Spain) had come to Malaysia for a visit. Lat and Ramesh had met them in the Nagpur Music Academy and invited them to Malaysia to do a music s…

Recognising Shri Mataji

Everyone who comes to Sahaja Yoga has a story to tell. Here's my story :

I received my self-realisation on 8 April 1999. At that time, I don't really bother about Sahaja Yoga. I still went to discos and pubs (although I don't drink). I don't footsoak and don't meditate. I still hanged out with my friends till wee hours in the morning. Life was fun, free to do what I want, no restrictions (I was in college then, rented a place with a few friends).

The turning point of my life came after my cousin sister/best friend passed away in a car accident in 2000. She was a year older than me. She passed away 5 days after my 21st birthday and I didn't get the chance to give her a treat although I have promised her.

I felt very guilty, upset, angry, depressed, sad and lost. The burning question in my head was "Why?". But I feel now, the actual question in my subtle system was "What is life?". I was so angry with God, angry with Shri Mataji even (pulling…

Shri Mataji in KL??!!

You know, ever since I started this blog, I get a lot of inspirations to write day after day. The reason I am writing down my experiences is so that I can remember them. So many times, people asked me to tell my experiences, and I have to think and think and in the end I cannot think of anything. But, I have a lot of experiences, big and small. I am sure all the Sahaja Yogis have their own experiences in Sahaj. So, I am writing them down now, so that I can remember and when anyone asked me to relate my experiences in Sahaj, I can.

Yes, you read the title. It surprised all the Sahaja Yogis who know the following story :

About a year ago, the Malaysian Sahaja Yoga rented a booth in the Global Indian Shopping Festival, in Mid Valley Shopping Mall to have a self-realisation program. There were hundreds of booth, selling saris, punjabi suits, Indian deserts, carpets, anything Indian. There were also a few false gurus booths.

As usual, Sahaja Yogis went around leafletting and explaining about …

Respecting Shri Mataji

Before I go into the main topic, I just want to sing this : "One day I woke up, the skies were blueeee...." The haze is getting worse. I managed to sing that song on Saturday morning, when I woke up and the skies were clearly blue. So beautiful. Haven't seen that kind of sky for a week now. And today, it's worse. The sun is orange in colour. Please collectively bandhan that the haze will be cleared.

When I was very new in Sahaja Yoga, say only about 6 months old, I didn't know the protocols on how to respect Shri Mataji's photo, not only photo that are framed, but also photos in calendar, souveniors and so on.

I was given a calendar with Shri Mataji's photo for every month and I pinned the string attached to the calendar on my styrofoam noticeboard in my room. My bed is position in such a way that my legs will be facing the noticeboard when I sleep at night. I didn't know that my legs were not suppose to face Shri Mataji's photo in anyway.

Bagus on the Piano

Finally, I've found the method to post this video on my blog. The video I've promised earlier. I hereby present you with Bagus Santosa (I think that is how his name is spelt). He is really good. Can you guess what is the bhajan he is playing?

Unfortunately, the sound is slower than the action or vice versa. The video is about 4 minutes long, and best viewed with broadband.

Thousand apologies

To everyone who clicked on Lat's blog link and was sent to another not so nice website, my apologies. I didn't check the link before. Now I have change it and included Gigi's blog link.

Sorry Lat.

Sahaj joke

This is the funniest joke I have ever heard. Only a Sahaji will laugh because it's a Sahaj joke. I will try to write it down and make it as funny as possible because when the Sahaji told me this joke, I laughed so loud, non-stop.

A hunter was doing his hunting rounds when a tiger spotted him and cornered him. The hunter wanted to run away but his legs froze and he was trembling in fear. Eventhough he was holding a gun, his hands froze and he dropped his gun. So he did the next best thing. He closed his eyes and started praying to God. "Dear God, please don't let this tiger attack me."

He was praying hard and was hoping for a miracle to happen. He waited and waited. After some time and nothing has happened. The hunter thought the tiger has left.

So he opened his eyes. But he saw the tiger sitting right in front of him and was mumbling something. So, the hunter asked the tiger, "What are you mumbling?"

And the tiger replied, "Aum twameva sakshat, Shri An…

Another dream

A few days after coming back from LA, I dreamt of Shri Mataji. It was a very interesting dream. Actually, the night before, my sister was doing some clearing. She bought 5 coconuts and left it in my room (the altar is in my room) to vibrate.

Before I went to sleep that night, I actually felt very scared. Don't know why, just suddenly felt worried and scared. So, I put Shri Mataji's photo under my pillow, raised Kundalini and Bandhan, then went to sleep.

In my dream : It was the Dalai Lama's funeral. The monks has invited Shri Mataji and all the Sahaja Yogis to attend. Shri Mataji came and was sitting on Her throne, looking very majestic and serious. Then, the monks said we should do meditation now. And they did their style with chanting and all that, and the Sahaja Yogis did our own style. After the meditation, it was time for "aarti", the Buddhist style. Everyone stood up and some yogis were mimicking the monks, until some monks came and stopped them. The mimickin…

More photos from US trip 2006

I wanted to post a video but the file is too big, 70MB..hahaha. The video is actually showing a fellow Sahaji, Bagus Santosa, originally from Indonesia, but now in Japan, playing a bhajan on the piano. He is really good. His fingers were really flying and he was enjoying himself thoroughly. But, too bad, cannot show it here.

So, instead, I will post some photos taken during this trip.

This was taken when we went to Zuma Beach, near Malibu. The photo is actually showing 2 dorphins, but not very clear here.

Next, Universal Studio. Those of you who have watched War of the Worlds will remember this scene. This is the actual set during the movie. Whoever is going to LA next, you MUST visit Universal Studio. It is such an interesting place. I enjoyed the Studio Tour the most, with the special effects and the fake city.

Then we went to Las Vegas. There's nothing great there, very artificial. So, didn't take any good photos. I have wanted so much to see the Bellagio Fountain Lights an…

Wonderful time in LA

Jai Shri Mataji everyone.

Back from LA for a week now. I truly had a beautiful and wonderful time in LA. Words cannot express how I feel. Before I go into that, I am now starting this blog, thanks to Shri Mataji, because now I can come online after months of not getting internet access in my office. I hope I can update this blog as much as I can, as time permits. This blog will tell about my experiences in Sahaj, my dreams, mostly Sahaj related and meant only for Sahaja Yogis.

Before LA

About 2 weeks before going to LA, Shri Mataji came to my dream. It was a very meaningful dream for me. To cut it short, She told me that I have no courage. Of course, waking up, I felt so excited for dreaming about Shri Mataji, and at the same time feeling a bit down for having to face my courage-less self.

To tell the truth, before going to LA, I do not feel excited at all about the trip. I don't know why. A Sahaji told me that she felt strongly that this trip I must go, so I just thought, OK, let&…